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“The wise, established in virtue,
Develop consciousness and understanding 
Succeed in disentangling the tangle.”
~ Visuddhimagga

According to Buddhist teaching, to go beyond the problems of living we need to go to the root of all problems.  The root is ignorance, and the tangle is the network of craving. 
The way out of the tangle lies in developing understanding aligned with ethical living. What do we need to understand? Basically, we need to understand ourselves, which means principally mind and thought. 
How can that come about? Through listening, reflecting and meditation.
What else do we need? Compassion.
In our retreat we will explore the fundamental issue in the light and practice of Buddha dharma. 


The daily program will consist of teachings, sitting and walking meditation as well as some discussion.

Conditions for joining the retreat.

Each person should be committed to the full program and leave personal demands and agendas aside. This is essential. Ethical conduct based on Buddhist precepts and sensitivity to others is assumed.




Single Room :  USD600 (limited availability)
Shared Room : USD400
Camping:           USD250. Please bring your own equipment

Start time : 6 pm on Wednesday 9 November

Finish time : 10 am on Saturday 19 November

NB. There is a 15% discount for all paid up members of the Harare Buddhist Centre.

If financial constraints are a restricting factor, please contact Dave on WhatsApp +263772317424


Participants will be required to kindly pay a 50% deposit by 1 September to secure their booking. 


Cancellation policy: 

Cancellation within 30 days of commencement of retreat : 50% refund in the event of your place not being filled


Please note that bookings for this retreat close on October 9th

Bookings can only be accepted on completion of the online booking form (see link below):