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"Why Meditate" by Pema Chodron
Sitting meditation gives us a way to move closer to our thoughts and emotions and to get in touch with our bodies. It is a method of cultivating unconditional friendliness towards ourselves and for parting the curtain of indifference that distances us from the suffering of others.  It is our vehicle for learning to be a truly loving person.

Gradually through regular meditation we begin to notice that there are gaps in our internal dialogue. In the midst of continually talking to ourselves, we experience a pause, as if awakening from a dream. We recognise our capacity to relax with the clarity, the space, the open-ended AWARENESS that already exists in our minds. We experience moments of being right here that feel simple, direct and uncluttered.

By simply staying here, we relax more and more into the open dimension of our being. It feels like stepping out of a fantasy and discovering the simple truth.


Accommodation: USD$120 single accommodation; USD $90 shared

Camping: USD$60 per person camping. Own equipment


NB. There is a 15% discount for all paid up members of the Harare Buddhist Centre

If financial constraints are a restricting factor, please contact Dave.

Participants should be prepared to pay 50% deposit if requested.



Please note that bookings for this retreat close on 22 April, 2022

Bookings can only be accepted on completion of the online booking form. 

PROGRAM - It is recommended that participants attend all the sessions to obtain optimal benefit from this short retreat.


- Friday 29 April
Arrival before 4 pm 
Soup : 6 pm
Introductory talk : 7-8 pm

- Saturday 30 April - Sunday 1 May

0630– 0730                                    Sitting Meditation                                           

0730 –0830                                    Breakfast

0830 – 1000                                   Talk / Sitting and walking meditation

1000 – 1030                                   Tea

1030 – 1200                                   Sitting and walking meditation

1215 – 1430                                   Lunch/Rest

1430 – 1545                                   Meditation

1545 – 1800                                    ea/Walk/own time

1800 - 1900                                    Soup

1900 – 2015                                   Discussion/ meditation/Loving Kindness


- Monday 2 May

0630– 0730                                    Sitting Meditation                                           

0730 –0830                                    Breakfast

0830 – 1000                                   Talk / Sitting and walking meditation.
1000-1030                                      Tea
1030 - 1200.                                   Meditation and closing discussions
1215                                                Light lunch and departure