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"Seeing our pain as it is, is a tremendous help. Ordinarily, we are so wrapped up in it that we don’t even see it. We are swimming in oceans of ice water of anxiety, and we don’t even see that we are suffering. That is the most fundamental stupidity. Buddhists have realised that we are suffering, that anxiety is taking place. Because of that,we also begin to realise the possibility of salvation or deliverance from that particular pain and anxiety."
~ Chogyam Trungpa - The Truth of Suffering and the Path to Liberation


Accommodation: USD $275 single accommodation; USD $200 shared

Camping: USD $125 per person camping. Own equipment


NB. There is a 15% discount for all paid up members of the Harare Buddhist Centre

If financial constraints are a restricting factor, please contact Dave.

Participants should be prepared to pay 50% deposit if requested.


Start time : 6 pm 4th October 

Finish time : 10 am 9th October 


Bookings can only be accepted on completion of the online booking form. 

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